Sweet Rice or Zarda or Muttanjan


Hello! Hope you are all well!

Today I am sharing with you a long due recipe of Muttanjan or in other words multi coloured sweet rice. These are made the same as zarda or yellow rice. The only difference is in the way of introducing colour in the rice. It is a very easy recipe and after a couple of attempts you can make it even without looking at the recipe book!

There are so many ways this sweet rice is made and people use different type of rice to make it. But for me the best rice to use in this is basmati rice.

Today is also the Independence Day of Pakistan so what better way to celebrate this occasion than to make some dessert! Happy Independence Day to all!

Let’s begin!


Basmati rice 1.5 cup rice (soak for 30 mins)

Sugar 1 cup (add a little more if you like sweeter)

Cooking oil ΒΎ cup

Yogurt 1 tbs

Cardamom pods 3-4

Blanched almonds and pistachios flakes (or any other dry fruits you like)


In a wide saucepan put sugar, cardamoms and 1 -1.5 cup water and cook until water is reduced to get thick syrup.



Meanwhile boil the soaked rice till almost cooked. If you want yellow rice or zarda then put yellow food colour in the water while the rice is boiling.


Keep your colours ready by adding half a pinch of different food colours in Β½ tsp of water separately.


When sugar syrup is cooked add the ghee or cooking oil to it and cook some more. You can add any dry fruits of your choice at this stage or with rice later.


Add the boiled rice to sugar and ghee and mix thoroughly. Cook on high to evaporate any extra moisture. Then add 1 tbs of whisked yogurt and mix. Yogurt helps in keeping the rice soft.


Then lower the heat and add multiple colours at different spots on the rice. Cover with lid tightly and cook the rice in steam for about 20-30 mins.


Mix up the rice to disperse the colours when done. Enjoy!

P.S. You can decorate your muttanjan with small multi coloured ras gullas as well!





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