A Little About Myself!


Blog Author - Vajeea
Blog Author – Vajeea


Welcome to my blog!

To be honest I was never a kitchen person and with a Masters in Financial Services who would have guessed that I will be blogging about food one day!

I really have no recollection of any childhood memories that inspired me to take this fabulous hobby either!

My father being in the army always had good cooks provided for us. My mother used to supervise the cooks and cooked only occasionally when they were on leave. My mom is a great cook nevertheless as I have seen her cooking beautifully and more often in recent years. Maybe I had this cooking bug hiding somewhere in me just waiting to be discovered!

Keeping aside the reasons why and how I ventured into this food blogging world, I want to say that I am very happy to be here! 🙂 and hopefully I have come to stay!

Now a little about my cooking style! Most of my desi food recipes are inspired by my mom’s cooking. I have always seen her cooking mostly with three ingredients salt, red chilli powder and turmeric  so you would note that my recipes are also simple with as little ingredients as possible.

As far as my baking is concerned, I am self-taught in that area. I take inspiration from a lot of recipes and after trying for a couple of times I come up with my own! So hopefully you will find them fool proof as they are tried and tested in my kitchen!

So that was a little introduction of myself!

Thanks for coming by my blog! Please do share your thoughts and comments 🙂

For questions and queries I can be reached at super.duper.yumm.cooking@gmail.com

Happy cooking, sharing & eating everyone!



32 thoughts on “A Little About Myself!

  1. I’m glad you got the cooking bug and I can totally relate to how you explained armed forces kitchens. I feel like my daughters are the same. I hope one day they will get the cooking bug too because it seems like they might eat only french fries if they had to. haha


    1. I totally love the ones who can happily eat just fries 24/7 🙂 ‘jisko khana banana aata hai uski zindagi achi guzerti hai, aur jisko nahi banana aata uski tou bohot he achi guzerti hai!’ these are my mom’s words when she gets fed up with cooking two dishes everyday 🙂


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